What Consulting in Europe Has Taught Me About Lifestyle Business

It’s been five weeks since I left the United States for a six-country consulting tour in Europe. I’ve given trainings at companies in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, and now Paris. I still have two more presentations in Barcelona and Rome. To say this trip has been incredible is an understatement. The consulting work has been good but the experience has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility. Heck, I’ve even lost 30 pounds on this trip.

I didn’t start this journey as an international consultant. I owned a service business for 12 years. In 2011, I self-published a book that flopped, which got me on the journey to build a successful lifestyle business. To get to where I am now, it took a lot of work. Five years ago, I was doing $500 consulting gigs at local companies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It took writing over 80 guests posts, doing over 100 podcasts interviews, writing over 500 articles for large publications, coaching over 400 clients, speaking for free 50 times, doing 10 local consulting gigs that maybe added up to $4K, and trying to network with a lot of people who were all talk. It took a lot to get here, but the work was worth it. Here are a few things this trip has taught me about lifestyle business.

A Good Work Space Helps Productivity

I use Airbnb when I travel for accommodations. The first few apartments that were booked didn’t have a desk and chair. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I got there and realized how much of a pain it is to try and write on your lap. I would find myself looking for cafes and there’s issue with that. I’ve come to realize that to be productive, you need the kind of work area that works for you. All the Airbnb’s for the rest of this trip have a nice, dedicated work area. A place where I can sit and write and work. I don’t know what your situation is, but make sure you have an area just for you where you can work in peace.

Enjoy Each Moment

When you travel, it’s easy to get caught up in all the details. This trip, I’ve relaxed and decided to cherish each moment. I’ve seen amazing sites like the Guinness factory in Dublin, Ireland. The London Eye in London, England. The Eiffel Tower here in Paris, France. These are lifetime experiences and I want to soak them in. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of life. We have so much that has to get done on a daily basis. We miss so much in our rush to get things done—don’t. Enjoy life—even when it feels hard. You only get one life to live.

Make New Friends Wherever Possible

One of the fun things about this trip has been meeting so many amazing friends in person. People can help and bless your life—the right ones that is. I’ve been able to meet friends from all these countries that I first met on Facebook. I’ve formed some bonds that can help me personally and professionally. Make new friends locally. Make news friends as you travel.

There is WAY More Opportunity Than We Realize

This trip has opened my eyes to the possibilities of taking all the knowledge we learn in the online space and use it to train mainstream businesses. I have made more income this trip than almost all of last year in my business. It was a six-figure trip. I’m traveling all over Europe consulting for a large international company on topics that I first learned online—it’s incredible. 

I want you to understand something. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who make their money online teaching people how to make money online. I think everyone needs to find their path, so I don’t judge. I’m happy when someone can make an income doing what they enjoy. My lifestyle business operates a little differently.

My #1 income source comes from consulting at large international companies. That’s why you see me traveling so much. They pay me a fee to come in, give a two-four hour presentation, and that’s it. I have 16 gigs booked this year in 16 countries.

My #2 income source is selling these companies templates and packaged trainings (courses essentially) that they can use after I’m gone. I sell them digital information and templates they can use (no personal time from me required). This way they have follow up material after I’m gone. My #3 income source is book sales (I have three books out)/sales of my passive courses on my website (the home study versions)/and the occasional live class.

#4 is my coaching program. I don’t focus on the one-on-one these days because it takes a lot of time and energy. But, I do have a few high-end coaching clients (clients that have paid $5K-$30K to work with me). These days, I teach clients about writing books and for large publications. I teach them how to book paid speaking and consulting gigs at companies. I teach them how to build a business that’s focused on the mainstream space.

Here’s the point. You don’t have to make your money teaching people how to make money or even make your money in the online/Internet Marketing space. There’s a ton of money and opportunity in the mainstream business space. You can consultant, sell your done-for-you services, and sell your courses to everyday, mainstream businesses locally, nationally, and internationally. Don’t limit yourself because you might not understand all of the logistics. You can learn.

This trip has been amazing and I still have two more countries left. I hope you are starting to see what’s possible. I hope you’ll believe and do something about it.


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