Companies Will Hire You to Consult on These Topics

Companies all over the world will spend $39 billion dollars this year hiring outside consultants to train their employees on a variety of topics. When I talk to lifestyle entrepreneurs about consulting, the question that always comes up is around why a company would need to hire a consultant. Yes, companies have access to big firms and they have a lot of resources. But, that also is a disadvantage for them.

Being big means change happens slowly–too slowly at times. When a company needs to make a pivot, it’s like trying to stop a moving freight train. So, instead of stopping the train, they hire a consultant to help fix the issue while the train is still moving. There is also this element of feeling human. Companies want to connect with their customers on a deeper level because they know that’s what creates lifelong customers. They hire consultants to help them do that. The bottom line is companies need consultants for a variety of reasons.

At this point, you might be convinced. You want to add consulting at companies to what you currently offer in your business. You may be wondering what topics a company will hire you to train on. The short answer is any topic that they feel will help their company’s bottom line. But, there are some “hot topics” and some common topics that are an easier pitch than others. Here are some topics that could get you hired to consult at a company. worldwide

Hot Topics

There are several topics that are in demand in the consulting industry right now. Let me give you the list.

  • Diversity. Companies want to understand how to attract a diverse workforce and the best ways to manage that diverse workforce. If this is something you know about, this is one of the hottest consulting topics because companies get knocked in the press often for their lack of diversity.
  • Digital Marketing. This is the new frontier. 57% of companies in the world don’t even have a website. Think about all the other areas they’re probably lacking if they can’t get do something basic like get a website up. Companies want to understand how to use all the elements of new media to market to their customers. This is a topic that would get you hired at almost any type of company.
  • Podcasting. Podcasts have exploded onto the world of marketing in the last few years. Many of the largest companies in the world now have a podcast. Companies want to understand how to use podcasting to reach their customers in a deeper way and how to use podcasting to market their business.
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset. This one puzzles entrepreneurs. They think that if a company’s employees understand the entrepreneurial mindset, they’ll quit their jobs. That’s just not the case. The reality is that most people are afraid of leaving the security of a steady paycheck and benefits for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. Companies understand that if their employees can think like an entrepreneur, they’ll be more productive and treat their job like it’s their business. That will help a company’s bottom line.

Health and Fitness

This is a great consulting topic. Companies know that if their employees are healthy, it will help the company’s bottom line in many ways. The employees will be more productive, have less sick time away from work, and be energized, which leads to more contentment at work. As a health consultant, you can set up a well-being program at a company for the standard rate of $30,000. You can do trainings on health or even offer the company office hours for their employees. This is where you meet with each employee who wants to for a short period of time each week. There are many options with this topic.

Relationships and Communication

The better employees and management can communicate and have a great working relationship, the more it will help a company’s bottom line. These are two important areas in life and business. You can get booked to train companies on how to best understand these topics and implement your ideas at their company. Relationships and communication can make or break a workforce. Companies will spend big dollars to make sure these two areas are solid at their company.


At the end of the day, it’s all about making sales at most companies. Remember, companies want to connect with their customers in a deeper and more personal way. You can teach them more personal style selling. If you are a sales pro, there are all kinds of companies and in many industries that would hire you for your skills. You can teach them how to sell in this digital age that we live in.

These are some topics that companies hire consultants for but there are Much more than this. The key is to pitch a company a topic that they can see will help their bottom line grow. The cool thing about consulting at companies is not just the actual gigs that you’ll do. You can license all of your products or services that you offer in your business at the rate of $1,000 to $3,000 an employee. There’s a good opportunity to make a serious impact and income with paid consulting. Here’s to you and getting booked this year!


Hey entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, podcasters, online business owners, Internet marketers, a person who offers services, teachers, and/or anyone who has a message they want to make an impact and income with.

You can and should be getting paid to speak at events and consult companies all over the world. You can and should license companies your products/services at a premium. You can and should get all of your travel expenses covered and experience the world for free.

There are many hot topics in paid consulting but companies hire consultants to train on all kinds of topics. Chances are you have a message that would appeal to companies in the U.S. and internationally if you shaped it and your platform in the right way. You could book a paid gig quickly with the right strategy and social proof.

This year, I’ve booked 32 paid international consulting gigs. I’ve helped clients and students in my classes book 28 paid speaking and consulting gigs. I’ve talked to HR managers, department heads, CEOs, and a bunch of people at companies as I’ve crisscrossed the globe doing consulting gigs over the last five years.

I run a four-week live class that starts June 14th called “Get Booked.” Registration closes in 8 days. This class teaches you how to become a paid speaker and consultant. It teaches you exactly what I’m doing, what I’m seeing in the market, and what companies and conferences are looking for before making a decision to book.

You will learn how to build a foundation that gets you hired, what kind of social proof you need and the exact steps to get it (which includes how to get published in large publications), how to find and book paid speaking and consulting gigs worldwide, and all of the nitty gritty details (like contracts, negotiations, presentations, licensing your products/courses to companies).

The class also comes with all kind of documents such as handouts, pitching templates, sample contracts, and you get to see real life examples of successful pitches.

If booking paid speaking and consulting at companies all over the world fits with your business goals this year, check out the details:

Get paid what you deserve and book better gigs. I can teach you how.

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4 comments on “Companies Will Hire You to Consult on These Topics
  1. Kimunya Mugo says:

    Thanks for sharing these nuggets and your inspiration Kimanzi. I see “Relationships and Communication” as a niche for me. Another area I am building my rep is coaching now that I’m a Certified Professional Coach.

    • says:

      Then get out there and starting pitching, sir 🙂

  2. Kc Ralph says:

    Hi Mugo and Kimanzi, do I need to pay to become a certified coach or the companies simply looking for proofs?

    • says:

      Nope. You don’t need to pay. You just need to get the kind of social proof a company is looking for.

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