You’re Not Dreaming Big Enough

I’m writing this article to you from 37,000 feet in the air. I’m on a flight from Atlanta to London, England. I’m heading to London and Paris to do consulting gigs this week at one of the largest companies in the world. I’ll do six-hours of training and then get some time to meet with executives, hang out with online friends in person, work on my business tasks, exercise, and see a few of the popular sites.

Six years ago, I was on a bread truck delivering to grocery sites and thinking about nothing more than what I had to get done. I wanted to finish so I could go veg out in front of the TV for hours while I filled my body with junk disguised as food. I hated life and was happy to settle for existing. I had no dreams, no hope, and no desire to even think about what life could be like.

It was the death of my father that shook me to my core and lit a spark. That spark led me to podcasts and my first exposure to a life of freedom and financial security. Pat Flynn’s podcast opened my eyes and inspired me to think beyond the all-day TV life. It would take another two years before I could leave the bread life behind, but I did. I sold the bread business and got my chance to live the freedom life at the beginning of 2013. It was freaking glorious to walk away one day, and wake up the next knowing I was free from the bondage of my old life.

Since then, my dream and the business has grown exponentially.

There was a major hiccup in 2016—I always want to keep it real. That hiccup lead to some major life pivots and to a path that’s even better than before. I lost myself and my dream during most of 2016. I ended that year broke, broken, and desperate. I was a hard time for sure.

These days, I have one main goal: to become the best version of myself in every area of my life. I’m on that path in full force. I’m releasing weight and gaining muscle. I’m eating clean and only consuming real food. My business has exploded in a way I couldn’t have anticipated. My relationship with my children is strong and I’m actively parenting. My friendships are solid and I’m only allowing awakened people into my circle. And, I’m in a serious relationship with a woman that supports and motivates me to get out of my comfort zone. She’s the total package and we’re accountability partners.

Even in this good place in my journey, I had to realize I was still playing too small. I was stuck in my little comfortable bubble making excuses as to why I wasn’t pushing for more. Chances are, you might be there, too. It’s a common experience and cycle we need to break.

There is SO Much More!

When you’re going through hard times, it’s difficult to believe there’s a sliver lining. All you can think about is what you’re going through and how it—at that moment—feels like the world is collapsing around you. It’s too hard to think about your goals and dreams. You have no thought of a better life because the present sucks.

Here’s the thing, that moment is exactly when you should be thinking about the bigger picture. Yes, you want to process what you’re felling in that moment. All your feelings and emotions are valid. Let them out and acknowledge them. BUT, don’t get swept up into them and allow them to burrow roots into your mind and heart. Too many people do that and never recover.

Get through those feelings and start planning. Get very clear about what you want out of life and from your business. Go beyond just surviving or the initially recovering goals. Think about and write down initial goals, recovery goals, and crazy big stretch goals. Get out of your comfort zone. Too many of us have lived there for far too long. Dream bigger.

This is a big world with all kinds of opportunity. 3.5 billion people will use the Internet every day this year and they’ll spend $107 billion dollars on online training. Russell Brunson is selling $60 million-dollars-a-year worth of one software called Clickfunnels. There’s no question—and more than enough evidence—that the opportunity for you and me is real in the lifestyle business space.

This article probably got you motivated but that’s not enough. Knowledge and motivation without implementation is pointless. It’s time now for you to get to work. Go back and evaluate your goals. Are they big enough? Make sure you’re clear about what you want out of your life and business this year. Make sure it’s broken down into bite size chunks. If you need to dream bigger, start there. Don’t let complacency and your comfort zone let you celebrate another mediocre year.

Are you dreaming and planning for an explosive year of growth?

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Steve Robbins

6 comments on “You’re Not Dreaming Big Enough
  1. Luke "done thinking small" Jones says:

    Z, bro! Thanks so much for the refreshing honesty. I’m pumped to dream bigger than ever before.

    • says:

      Get it, bro! I’m cheering for you!

  2. Thanks for this post, Kimanzi. I’m seeing growth in myself and my ability to set and achieve goals. This is my year for moving beyond. 2017 was an incredibly difficult year like 2016 was for you. I’m ready for some awesomeness this year! Thanks for keeping it real!

    • says:

      I will be cheering for you as you make big moves towards your goals!

  3. Susie Miller says:

    Your courage and resilience inspires me & I appreciate your willingness to share the real story, struggles, & triumphs in your life.
    Blessings and Congrats Gonyou my friend

    • says:

      Thank you for always supporting my journey 🙂

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