Three People at Companies That Can Hire You

After you’ve established yourself as a consultant, you’ll get lots of offers to consult at companies worldwide organically. Companies will find you as a referral through the gigs that you’ve done, they’ll consume your content on large publications and on podcast interviews that you do, and you’ll meet executives on the road as you travel for gigs. Being in the right place—with the right social proof—will give you a consistent system for consulting offers without you seeking them out.

When you’re just starting out as a consultant, it’s a different story. You’ll be the one doing lots of pitching and seeking out opportunities at companies. When you’re doing this, it’s important to understand who at a company can actually hire you. The goal is to save time and send out the most effective pitches so you can book paid gigs that led to all the fun organic opportunities later. Here are three company people that hire consultants.

The Human Resources Manager/Director 

The HR manager at a company has the job of integrating the right people into a company, establishing programs to better a company, retaining and recruiting top performers, overseeing teams (and personalities), and helping with employee performance. Hiring consultants to train on all kinds of topics helps them with all of these duties. At a large corporation, the HR director is also one of the vice presidents of the company. Here’s an example:

Al Schoening is the director of HR for Civeo Corporation based out of Houston, Texas. The company does $15 million dollars a year in business, they have 1,500 employees, and have offices in three countries. They are big enough to hire consultants but small enough to be very approachable. You can pitch almost any consultant topic. You can pitch Al at al.schoening(at)civeo .com

The Director of Sales and Marketing

The director of sales and marketing job is to plan and implement sales, create marketing plans–online and off, and product development programs targeted toward existing and new markets. To effectively market and grow the business, they often hire sales and marketing/digital marketing consultants. Digital marketing is especially a super HOT consulting topic. You can go to any company and get hired as a digital marketing consultant. Here’s an example:

Tiina Jokila is the director of marketing at Odeal Oy based out of Helsinki, Finland. They do $16.7 million dollars a year in business, they have 1,000 employees, and they have offices in two countries. One look at their website and social media presence and you see a clear need for a strong digital marketing and/or sales consultants. You can pitch Tiina at palkat(at)odeal .fi

The C.E.O./Owner

For a smaller company (less than $10 million a year in revenue), the CEO or owner (if it’s a privately-held company) is who you would pitch. It’s their job to implement the best strategies and programs to help their company grow. Here is an example:

Richard Manoogian is the CEO of Planit group in Charlotte, NC. They do $10 million dollars a year in business and have 52 employees. As they’re growing, this is the perfect time to get hired as a consultant and make a deeper impact. If you take a look at their company, you’ll see a need for digital marketing, personal development, sales, and several other types of consultants. You can pitch Richard at rmanoogian(at)planitgroup .com

These are a few examples but there are so many more. Companies will spend $355 billion dollars this year hiring consultants to train their teams and employees. You can travel all over the world for gigs, do them locally, or even do gigs virtually if you don’t want to travel. The choice is yours and there are many others ways to make an income as a consultant. Here’s to you and getting booked this year!

Is consulting at companies one of your goals this year? 

Photo Credit: Flickr/ Jürg Stuker

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