The Path to Making a Livable Income in the New year

There are those who will read this that have been following me since I started my lifestyle business in 2011. You’ve read some of my first blog posts and have been on this journey with me through the ups and downs. There are those who will read this that have been following me for the last few years. I’ve connected and talked to so many of you along the way and have heard your stories.

Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this it’s probably because you want to make money through the various avenues of a lifestyle business. You want to build a business that creates freedom in every area of your life while giving you financial security. To build this kind of a business is not a mystery–it’s not rocket science.

If you have been going at this for some time and have not made a decent income, I want to give you some straight up truth. I have a big goal in 2018. My goal is to impact one-million people and help them stop existing. I want to see you win and build a business that makes a livable income. No more living in survival mode. Ask yourself how you’re doing in these five areas.

Stop over-consuming information.

It’s time to stop joining every free webinar you see offered. It’s time to stop joining every free challenge you encounter online. It’s time to stop joining five Facebook groups a week. It’s time to stop signing up for every newsletter that promises you the path to income. It’s time to stop reading three books a week that all say the same things.

We live in the information age. We also live in the interconnected digital age. Information is readily available, free, and you can access it easily in many different forms. But, that doesn’t mean you need to consume as much of it as possible to make money. Consuming that much information is confusing you, and having you chasing your tail with all the strategies. The reality is that you’re not seeing the full picture. All that “free” training won’t give you what you need.

Make it a goal this year to consume a TON less and implement WAY more. Implement what you already know. You don’t need to keep following the same repackaged strategies. You’ve already seen every variation. It’s time to get back to the basics and implement the heck out of them. Once you have your foundation established, start consuming the information you need for the next steps.

Create a plan to build your audience and consistently generate leads.

At the end of the day, entrepreneurs don’t make money because they have no audience and no way to generate new opportunities. If you just did this, you give yourself the best opportunity to make real money. You can generate leads and build your audience by:

  • Getting interviewed on podcasts. There are millions of podcasts. You can get interviewed and share your expertise. Some people will hear it and want to see what else you’re up to.
  • Use paid and organic social media. Billions of users log onto social media for life and business. Give people good and free practical advice, and they’ll be more receptive to your sales offers.
  • Get featured in authority publications. You can get your content featured in the largest publications in the world. These large publications have literally millions of readers who could see your content and decide to hire you.

There are just a few ways to generate leads and build an audience. There are so many more. It’s time to build your audience.

Stop chasing trends.

If you’ve been paying attention to the entrepreneur space, you may have noticed something. In a three-month span, entrepreneurs were Facebook ad experts until that became saturated, then they became “funnel” experts. After that, Facebook Messenger bots started to become popular, so they became Messenger bot experts. And now, everybody is talking about Bitcoin, so there’s a whole new wave of Bitcoin experts. This cycle will keep repeating itself as new trends emerge and entrepreneurs share the results they get with a new trend.

Stop chasing trends! Pick a topic and build a solid foundation in it. Don’t let shiny object syndrome dictate your life. You can’t add enough value and show your expertise if you keep changing what you do.

Pitch offline opportunities.

One area that is often overlooked is local businesses and speaking at local events. You can go into an owner-owned business where you live and get work by pitching the owner on the benefits of what you teach. You can train the owner, their employees, and/or both. Your normal thought is that they won’t hire you or need you. They do and will if you show them why and the value it will bring to their business. Use the Internet to add research to your pitch. You can also find great local speaking opportunities that pay well.

Add undeniable value and sell. 

People will spend their time and money with you when you’ve first added value to them. They have to see and understand your expertise. They have to know they’ll get something when they spend their hard-earned dollars. You add value through your content and a real desire to help people. They know the real thing when they see it. Once you have added value, you can’t be afraid to sell. You have to do it regularly.

This can be the year you finally have your breakthrough. You can make a livable income and leave your day job. The formula is there but it means nothing if you don’t take action. The rest is up to you.

What is one major goal you will accomplish in the New Year?

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