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20 Publications That Pay for Your Content

Becoming a contributor to large personal development and business publications can benefit your business and bottom line in many ways. You can grow a large email list, get exposure for your books, products, and services. Be seen as an expert

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4 Shifts That Help You Book Consulting at Companies Quickly

Companies all over the world will spend more than $365 billion dollars this year hiring consultants to train their employees on a variety of topics. They are looking to hire someone just like you. They want someone who will train

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Losing a Two-Million Dollar Contract Taught Me These Lessons About Consulting and Business

In September of 2017, I did something that absolutely terrified me. I had done consulting work for a large company based out of London (an N.D.A. that was signed prevents me from listing the name). They liked my training and

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Corporations Don’t Know As Much As You Think (Why They’ll Hire You)

As you’re reading this, I’m in an Uber heading to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France. I’m catching a flight to London. I’ve been in Europe for a week now and did consulting gigs for a multinational corporation based

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Behind the Scenes in My Lifestyle Business

As you’re reading this, I will be flying from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to…… I can’t say just yet. You’ll have to be connected to me on Facebook to find out where I’ll be in the world to ring in the

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