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Desperation Will Cost You the Sale

As you’re casually scrolling through Facebook, you get a ping from someone who has sent you a private message. The message could be from a relative or friend but often these are sales pitches. A health and fitness coach wants to help

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The Elements of a Complete Lifestyle Business

When I started this journey in 2011, I had a dream of building a “passive” income online business. I wanted to have membership websites, courses, and everything passive so that I could make money while I slept. I read the

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Four Mindset Struggles Every Speaker and Consultant Needs to Overcome

When I self-published my first book in late-2011, my only goal was to make enough money from this new online business thing so I could get rid of my service business. This idea of speaking and consulting never crossed my

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4 Essentials That Persuade Companies You’re the Expert They Should Hire

Being booked as a paid consultant to companies is one of the highest margin services offered by lifestyle businesses. You can consult full time, which pays as much as $175,000 a year according to USA Today or consulting can be

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How to Get Started as a Paid Consultant to Companies

When it comes to the speaking industry, entrepreneurs tend to focus on speaking at events and conferences. It’s the traditional path that is known and understood. Being a paid consultant to companies is something that intrigues entrepreneurs but there’s no

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How Being Different is Hurting Your Lifestyle Business

From the first day that you even thought about starting a business, you’ve heard that your business and your businesses marketing needs to be different to stand out from the competition. You’ve heard that when you’re different, you stand out

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Travel Plans, Content, and Updates

It has been amazing two months in Europe! Walking the streets of Amsterdam, touring the Guinness Factory in Dublin, seeing the all of the sites I love in London, spending lots of time at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, sticking my

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It’s Time to Stop Fearing Entrepreneurial Success

There are many fears that we have to overcome to start and grow a successful business that makes money and leads to true freedom. We face self-limiting beliefs within us, the negative voices of others who don’t get it and a

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How to Create an Endless Stream of Clients for Your Coaching Business

The internet has created the opportunity to start a business teaching a topic you know, are passionate about and have researched in-depth. You can take that knowledge and teach it to others through a coaching business or coaching as a

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What Consulting in Europe Has Taught Me About Lifestyle Business

It’s been five weeks since I left the United States for a six-country consulting tour in Europe. I’ve given trainings at companies in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, and now Paris. I still have two more presentations in Barcelona and Rome. To say

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