Paid Travel and Large Publications Exposure

Paid Travel Pro Tip. It’s a dream of many to travel the world and do it for free—and/or get paid—while you experience new countries/cultures. I’ve traveled to 60 countries over the last five years for consulting gigs at various companies. All of my expenses of each trip were covered by the companies, and I was paid a generous training fee.

In today’s tip, I want to give you four ways to travel for free and/or get paid to experience bucket list destinations.

1. Travel Hack. This is where you use credit cards from airlines, hotels, and other credit card offers to get points, perks, and miles. People who travel hack get several credit cards through large point/mile offers. These offers can literally give you hundreds of thousands of miles/points to use for free flights, airport perks, and hotels. You would need decent credit, an income source, and be responsible enough to pay off the balances. Entrepreneurs such as Chris GuillebeauNomadic MattThe Points Guy, and others teach travel hacking.

2. Freelance. You find work—mainly online—in a variety of industries. You do this work remotely and normally per project. Some of the work includes website stuff, social media management/marketing, design jobs, teaching a specific skill, coaching, being a virtual assistant, or you can even have a 9-5 job that allows you to be remote. You can find work through places like Upwork, Fiverr, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other places. Chris the Freelancer is a great resource to learn freelancing and the digital nomad lifestyle.

3. Teach English. Many places all over the world are looking for people to teach English. A lot of times, you don’t need a degree. There are programs/groups you can join that will train you on the basics, then you can start looking for paid gigs. You can post ads on Craigslist and other places to get gigs on your own. You can make an income and/or get your travel covered. Nomadic Matt says that you can find English teaching work in all kinds of countries that pay well. For example, you can get $80K a year in the Middle East, $2K-$5K a month in South Korea (where I just left), and several other countries where they have a huge need for English teachers.

4. Book Paid Consulting Gigs at Companies. This is how I travel to 35 countries a year. It’s by FAR my #1-#3 income source. Companies pay a generous training fee, cover all of your travel expenses/pay for your family to join you, license any online courses you have, and buy training programs that run on autopilot—you sell it to them and they setup/implement. I have been able to make an income from all of these streams at companies on six continents.

You can book consulting gigs at companies on a wide variety of topics. Anything related to digital marketing, podcasting, personal development, and diversity are super hot topics right now. To learn consulting at companies stuff, I will put 19 resources in this post to help you find/book consulting gigs. You get/book consulting gigs based on how strong your foundation/branding show your expertise, the social proof you have in your topic, and how good your pitch is. Companies paid outside consultants $39.3 billion dollars last year. It’s also a less crowded space because many entrepreneurs don’t know how to get into consulting. Use the resources.

That’s it. I hope this helps you travel to cool countries for years to come and get paid to do it! Here’s to you and getting booked.

Large Publications

Large Publications Pro Tip. As soon as you become a contributor/get an article published in a large publication, you will have people coming from all directions wanting your attention.

You will get entrepreneurs, freelance writers, content managers, PR people and more, wanting you to write about them/their clients, guest post/publish their article under your contributor account, and/or get an introduction to your editor. They will want to trade, barter, collaborate, and/or offer to pay you cash money.

Think LONG and hard….

When you become a contributor at any large publication, there are terms and conditions that you agree to. In the terms, it is explicitly stated that if you take ANY kind of money–from anyone–you have to disclose it. If you don’t, you risk getting sued, blacklisted and/or both–I have seen both happen. More than that, you are squandering a HUGE opportunity.

I can directly trace over $500,000 in speaking/consulting contracts, book sales, new coaching clients, and product sales from my articles/features in 20 large media publications over the last three years. They 10x my email list. Large publications are incredible social proof that companies all over the world are looking for in consultants. They’re great social proof for an entrepreneur’s brand.

Would it be worth it to risk all of that for $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 an article?

Play the long game. The offers will come out of the woodwork. The more places you get published, the crazier the offers will get. Think long and hard. The quick dollars aren’t worth it in the long run if you understand the opportunity, impact, and leverage power you have through large publications. Say NO to the chump change  


I travel to 30+ countries a year for consulting gigs at companies. In case you missed it, here are 19 pieces of content that I’ve put out that teaches someone how to book paid national/international consulting gigs. It covers how to book gigs, license your online courses to companies, and sell companies comprehensive training programs. I hope it helps you book gigs, and make more money while doing a gig.

Why you should consult at companies:

The benefits of consulting:

Mindset struggles consultant’s need to overcome:

The hard parts of being a consultant:

How to get started in consulting:

Where to start:

What companies are looking for in a consultant:

Topics that companies will hire you to consult them on:

What you should have in a consulting contract:

How I use my six-person consulting team:

Firing a consulting team member:

One way to book high-end consulting and coaching:

Step-by-step how to book your first consulting gig:

How to book your first international gig:

How to book your second international consulting gig:

Specific questions about consulting answered:

Specific questions about consulting answered:

Specific questions about consulting answered:

Specific questions about consulting answered:

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