One Simple Strategy to Find High-End Executive Coaching and Consulting Gigs at Companies

The hard part of getting high-dollar (five to seven figures) coaching and/or consulting opportunities is finding the gigs. Today’s Pro Tip is a place where you can find leads for both.

Every single city in the United States publishes a business journal. In my hometown of Milwaukee, it’s called “The Milwaukee Business Journal.” The web address is city. Your city/state has one. They even have them international in a different format.

In these business journals are the names of local companies, their CEO’s, the phone number of the company, AND the email address of the CEO. They are more often found in the print version of the journal, but the online version in most cities will publish the same information.

Think about this. You have the name and email addresses of CEOs and local companies. You can then take that information and do some research on each company and its CEO. You can find companies where your skill set would benefit their employees in a consulting training. You can find CEOs that could use your high-end coaching services. You have the opportunity to pitch and book great consulting gigs and/or sign executive coaching clients.

Put together a pitch that is backed up by research. Don’t talk about what you could do. Talk about what you will do, SHOW what you have done, and how your experience and knowledge will increase the company’s or CEO’s bottom line.

You don’t have to be some big-name expert to do this. You need a foundation in the topics you teach. It should be clear what topics you’re an expert on. If that’s in place, highlight your social proof/credentials.

If you have helped people for free, talk about what results you were able to help them achieve. If you have done work in the community, talk about that. If you have spoken at events, share the video and testimonials. If you have done smaller or done-for-you consulting gigs, highlight those.

Could this work? I had a coaching client experimenting with this strategy over the last two months. She was able to sign $28,000 worth of new consulting contracts with two companies, and one high-ticket coaching contract with an executive for $12,000. Use this tip!

How is business for you this year? 

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