One Simple Strategy to Book Consulting Gigs at Companies

When you’re starting out in consulting, you’ll pitch all kinds of companies. Finding the right types of companies is a challenge that prevents too many consultants from booking gigs. The story I hear often is that entrepreneurs pitch companies and they hear crickets.

These days, I have two to four companies a week approaching me with consulting offers. But, it wasn’t always that way. When I started, pitched 10 companies a week for three months before I started getting a response. To date, I’ve done consulting gigs at companies in 66 countries and it’s been a mix of pitching, prospecting, referrals, and organic opportunities through exposure.

One way to pitch smarter is to target companies that are hiring for an employee position. Basically, you find companies that are looking to hire an employee to do what you consult on. You can use large job sites such as Indeed, Monster, and so on to find companies worldwide that would make great targets. Since they are trying to hire, you know there is a need.

Here are a few examples:

If you are a health & fitness consultant. Mars Inc (Chicago location) is a great company to target. They have 80,000 employees, they do about $33 billion dollars a year in business, they have offices in over 60 countries. Despite being a huge company, they are still privately owned by the Mars family. Right now, they are trying to hire a “Health and Wellness Strategy and Innovation Director” (job posted on Indeed). They want someone to teach their employees how to be healthy. Do a gig at their Chicago location and it will open doors to consult at some of their other offices in 60 countries. If you do wellness consulting, this is a company that you know has a need for you. The person to pitch would be the vice president of People and Organization, Tracey Wood.

If you are a digital marketing/podcast/social media/website/funnels/Facebooks ads consultant. Best Buy based of out Richfield, MN is a great company to target. They have 125,000 employees, they do about $39 billion dollars a year in business, they have 1,500 locations in four countries. Their size offers multiple opportunities. Right now, they are trying to hire a “Director of Audience Strategy” (job posted on Indeed). They want someone to teach their marketing team how to use all forms of new media to grow their audience. If you consult on anything digital, this is what you do already. Why not do it for a big company? The person to pitch is the vice president of marketing, Jennie Weber.

If you are a personal development consultant. The Walton Family Foundation based out of Northwest Arkansas is a great target. They have $2 billion in the fund. Right now, they are trying to hire an “Entrepreneurial Development Director” (job posted on Indeed). They are looking for someone who can create personal development programs for their foundation employees. If you consult on any personal development topics, you can do a one-off consulting training or get hired to set up PD programs. The person to pitch is the executive director, Kyle Peterson.

When pitching these companies, it’s your job to show why it’s better for the company to hire a consultant. Put a pitch together that shows you’ve researched the company, who you are as an expert/your social proof, how your topic helps the company’s bottom line—backed up by research, and why hiring a consultant is better. You can say things like:

“I noticed that So and So company is looking to hire a “So and So director.” While this is a position for an employee, there are some benefits in choosing a consultant instead. A few include:

* Precise deliverables/expertise.
* More flexibility.
* Less financial risk.”

There are a TON of companies trying to hire employees for topics you can consult on. My Get Booked graduates are booking gigs every single day using this strategy. Use it! Here’s to you and getting booked this year!

Get Booked

There are many programs that can teach you how to become a better presenter. There are many programs that can teach you how to book consulting work with individuals.

There are not many programs that can teach you how to book paid consulting gigs at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations worldwide. My Get Booked program does and in specific/actionable detail.

I’ve done consulting gigs at companies in 65 countries over the last five years. 32 of my graduates have booked over $500,000 worth of consulting contracts at companies in 33 countries.

Registration for Get Booked closes on October 31st. This will be the last run of the live class this year, and the last chance to get the program at this price. The investment is $3,000. The live sessions teach entrepreneurs:

  • How to start in the consulting at companies space (it’s a $355 billion-dollar-a-year industry).
  • How to build a consultant’s foundation built around any topic.
  • How to build consulting social proof that companies understand and recognize.
  • How to get published in large business and personal development publications, and how to use them to get organic five-figure consulting offers from companies.
  • How to find the right companies to pitch, and how to put together the perfect pitch that gets you booked.
  • How to put together consulting proposals and how to negotiate consulting contracts.
  • How to license companies your online courses and get paid six-figures plus to set up training programs at companies.
  • How to book gigs internationally, and how to create a system to continually get booked.

If any of this could benefit your business, check out the details.

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