One Publication That Will Lead to Consulting Gigs and High-End Clients

Coaches always appreciate signing high-end clients (five-figures or more) that can afford their top-tier programs. As consultants, we want to find quality consulting gigs at companies that pay well and lead to more business plus extra opportunities such as licensing online courses at premium rates. As writers/entrepreneurs, we look for publications that will help us build our email list/audience and expose us to an audience that can afford our different premium offerings.

Today’s tip is one publication that can help all three groups accomplish their goals: has great traffic, a loyal following of business leaders and CEO’s of companies, and a readership that hires consultants/buys high-end coaching programs. The cool thing is that you DON’T have to be a CEO to write here. You just have to contribute content that can help CEOs.

That content can be about leadership, marketing, high performance, relationships, mindset, and much more. What applies to the everyday person can also help a CEO run their company. Never assume they already know what you will write about. You would be surprised what people don’t know.

1. Scan the website and study what they already publish (there’s a resource page that talks about what they’re looking for:

2. Start putting together a good pitch article. A good pitch article always mixes what they already publish with your core message. Never make this about you or your business. Make this about what will help their audience.

3. Submit a pitch to this email address: editorial@chiefexecutive .net. Keep the pitch brief, but list your social proof and what you do such as:

“Hi, I’m a podcaster, Facebook ads specialist, writer, author, an expert at personal development, have a bestselling book, been on 20 podcasts, consultants for companies, and speaker who helps executives and companies….

I would like to contribute to Cheif Executive because I believe my content will help business leaders understand … and have the strategies to do this….

Here are some of my writing samples:

Thank you,
Your name”

You get the point. This pitch is your place to shine and show you’re an “expert” that can help business leaders.

That’s it. I have graduates of my Get Booked program that have gotten in and it’s already lead to a few initial conversations with CEO’s that reached out to them and wanted to know more. One signed a high-end client. Think about the audience of this publication.

It’s a great way to get exposure to an audience that can afford high-end training and/or book you for consulting work at their companies. As always, here’s to you, getting booked, and creating more freedom this year!

Are you working on booking a consulting gig this year?

Speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs. I can teach you how to book consulting gigs at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations.

Just last week, three of my graduates booked consulting gigs at companies in three countries. This past week, I arrived in Africa for consulting gigs at two multi-billion dollar multinational corporations and three African companies.

I can teach you how to book five to six-figure consulting training, license companies your online courses at rates of $1K to $3K an employee, and how to set up automated training programs for rates of $50K to multiple six figures.

The home study version of my Get Booked program closes this Friday (September 29th). The investment is $2,000. This is the last time you can get the program at this price. If you’re curious, check out the details.

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