One Extra Offer That Will Increase Your Consulting Income

When it comes to consulting at companies, most of what you’ll do is give a consulting training on your topic(s). You’ll either do a one-off, a two to five-hour training, or a series of training over a period of time. You can support your training with documents that have more depth, or you can license your online courses to give a company’s employees more training.

One thing that’s not done enough is setting up comprehensive training programs at companies. Today’s tip is to start off with the one-off training, but consider setting up a bigger and more comprehensive training program for a company.

Some examples of this are a healthy & fitness consultant setting up a wellness program at a company. A podcast consultant setting up the company’s podcast. A sales consultant setting up a sales program. A personal development consultant setting up a training program that covers the major areas of personal development. You get the point.

I’ve talked to several HR managers and C.O.O.’s at the companies that have hired me for consulting gigs this year. We’ve had in-depth conversations about what they paid consultants to set up programs like this.

One company that I consulted at last month in Tokyo paid $100,000 to have a health & fitness consultant set up a wellness program. A company that I consulted at in London earlier this year paid $105,000 to a consultant for a six-month digital marketing template. One of the graduates of my Get Booked program got paid $75,000 to set up a leadership program at a company in Paris. A company that I consulted at in Hong Kong paid me $45,000 to set up their company’s podcast. Again, you get the point.

There’s good money in setting up training programs for companies, and internationally, they LOVE to pay big money for these type of programs.

Setting up a comprehensive training program will be a TON of work. You’ll probably have to hire help. But, my point is to see what’s possible. Look beyond just doing one-off training or only offering done-for-you services. A good consultant offers several options in a multi-tiered proposal.

I’ve done consulting gigs at companies in 61 countries and have booked all of these options with companies. There is a lot of opportunity in the consulting at companies space and you should take advantage. Here’s to you and getting booked this year.

Consulting at Companies

You should book a consulting gig at a company… Another consulting offer came in today that I’ll be sending to my referral network. I’m getting an offer a week from different companies, but I’ll go nuts if I add anything else to my schedule.

Today’s offer is from a company in London that’s looking for a health & fitness consultant to set up a wellness program for their workforce of 1,400 employees. They’re offering a six-figure fee and some cool perks. I have several health & fitness consultants in my referral network, so one of them is going to be very happy.

Speakers/consultants/entrepreneurs, I tell you this to make you aware of the opportunity to book consulting gigs (and extras) at companies all over the world. In the last two months, companies have approached me wanting consulting training on wellness, personal development, leadership, sales, digital marketing, emotional intelligence, stress management, and all kinds of mindset topics.

Companies will spend over $42 billion dollars on training next year. Expand your horizons and think beyond the online/Internet marketing/social media space. Some of that money could and should be yours if you build the kind of foundation and social proof a company is looking for, and you start sending off pitches and proposals.

Get Booked

This Saturday (26th) is the deadline to join the home study version of my Get Booked program. This program teaches speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs how to book paid consulting gigs at companies all over the world.

It teaches entrepreneurs how to book gigs, how to license companies your online courses, and how to set up training programs at companies. 18 of the graduates have booked consulting gigs at companies literally worldwide. Just today, a graduate booked a $35,000 contract with a company in London.

Here is some of what you’ll learn in the program:

**How to set up your foundation (your website, social media presence, and email list) to get booked. The exact way your foundation and branding should be.
**How to build consulting social proof/credentials. This includes the exact steps to getting published in large personal development and business publications (Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company, Time Magazine, The New York Times, and more). It also includes how to book your first gigs even if you don’t have any consulting experience.
**How to find, pitch and book paid speaking gigs worldwide. You’ll learn how to stop speaking for exposure and get paid every time you speak.
**How to find, pitch, and book consulting gigs at companies worldwide. You will learn everything about booking consulting. Starting from zero all the way to booking six-figure gigs and all the extras.
**The nifty-gritty stuff. Contract negotiations, how to put together presentations, the science of pitching, a prospecting system for continually booking gigs, and more.

Here’s what you get for the $2,000 investment in the program:

**Eight video classes that are about an hour or so. You get 12 hours of training! Screen shared training. It’s through software that shares my screen so that I can show you exactly how to do this. You will see everything very step-by-step. There are NO talking head videos. This is NOT a live class.
**Documents. These documents include sample contracts, pitching templates, handouts, sample slides, and PDF’s that walk you through all of the teachings and strategies.
**Private group. You will have access to a private group to ask questions, share wins/lessons, get inspired, share your homework, and network with other rock star speakers and consultants.
**Q&A sessions. Monthly, I host group Q&A sessions to answer any questions that may come up as you implement.
**Daily consulting leads. I post a consulting lead four days-a-week in our private group. I give you a good company to target, tell you why they’re a good target, and give you the best angle to pitch them.
**Access to my referral network. I get consulting offers that I can’t handle. I give these opportunities to my referral network and take a small cut once you get booked. Graduates of Get Booked are added to that network.
**Homework. You will have assignments between sessions to make sure you understand and have all the tools and information you need to book gigs.

If this sounds like it could benefit where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, check out the details here. I only want you to take this program if it’s the right fit and you’re ready to put in the work. This is not a “get rich quick” type of program. You will learn exactly what you need to do, but you have to be willing to take action.

This is a straight up tactics kind of program. There is no mindset or personal development type of training–all you get are the exact steps and tactics to book paid gigs worldwide. 

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