Corporations Don’t Know As Much As You Think (Why They’ll Hire You)

As you’re reading this, I’m in an Uber heading to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France. I’m catching a flight to London. I’ve been in Europe for a week now and did consulting gigs for a multinational corporation based out of London. I consulted on digital marketing at their headquarters in London and on the entrepreneurial mindset at their offices in Paris.

This year, I’ll travel to 22 countries with my life and business partner for consulting gigs at some large and medium-size companies. I did consulting gigs in 41 countries last year.

Companies all over the world will spend $365 billion dollars this year hiring consultants to train their employees. They’ll hire them for a wide range of topics and pay them well. They’ll cover the travel expenses, license the consultant’s online courses, and pay for training programs to be set up.

As an entrepreneur, adding this income and opportunity to what you currently do is appealing. You’re probably thinking, “sign me up!” But, many reading this won’t purse consulting because there’s a major self-limiting belief that’s keeping you from even taking the first steps. That belief is that companies already know your topic but more specifically, they don’t want to hear from you.

Imposter Syndrome

This false belief is rooted in the deeper belief of feeling like an imposter. The thought that you’re not enough or that what you teach is not good enough for a company. This belief creeps around into your mind or it may have been reinforced in some way that was out of your control. Because you don’t feel good enough, you don’t start to take the steps that would get you booked as a consultant.

Here’s the thing, companies hire consultants for the basics. Yes, they want the in-depth stuff at some point, but most companies and corporations are NOT in a place to implement the deeper stuff. Think of how fast digital marketing moves. Think of what worked last year and what’s working this year. It’s hard for us as individuals to keep up. Now think about being a big corporation with all the moving parts. They can’t slow the train down to learn at this pace. This applies to all kinds of consulting topics. It’s very hard for companies to be flexible and adapt.

So, for most companies, it takes the stages of training, learning, and implementing. Right now, they need the basics and that’s why they’ll hire you. If they want more advanced training, after the basics, they’ll license one of your online courses or hire you to set up a training program. You already have what a company needs and will pay for. Your feelings of not being able to teach a company something are not true.

Take the First Steps

Don’t start pitching Fortune 500 corporations if you’ve never done consulting. That doesn’t make sense. They will want to see lots of social proof and it can take up to six months for a deal to close if you have the social proof.

Start with smaller, local companies. You are dealing with individuals at these types of companies. It’s like convincing a coaching client to hire you. These types of companies need what you offer and they’re a great way to build the social proof that allows you to pitch bigger companies.

If you spent some time doing research on companies and how well they’re doing with what you teach, I promise you that you would be surprised. You would see clearly that companies don’t know as much as you think they do (see what I did there 😉). You would see that there’s an overwhelming need for what you teach.

To book gigs—to take the first steps—you have to realize you are not an imposter if you decide you’re not. You have to realize there’s a whole world of opportunity for those willing to take action. Build your foundation. Create social proof as you build your audience. Find companies with needs and pitch. Negotiate deals that make sense for you. This all starts with what you do now.

Has imposter syndrome kept you from pursuing consulting? Get real in the comments.

I can teach you how to book paid speaking and consulting gigs all over the world. I can teach you how to sell companies high-end executive coaching ($20K-$100K per department head). I can teach you how to license your online courses to companies (at a rate of $1K-$3K an employee).

I can teach you how to sell premium done-for-you services to large multinational corporations. Some examples could be setting up a wellness program (at a rate of $60K-$100K), setting up a podcast for a company (at a rate of $45K), setting up sales, leadership, personal development, and other automated training programs (for fees ranging from $15K to multiple six-figures).

Registration for my “Get Booked (Home Study)” program opens on Wednesday. The registration window is February 8th-17th. This program will teach you exactly how I’ve booked consulting gigs at companies in 73 countries over the last five years, and how 40 of the graduates have booked over $650,000 in consulting contracts at companies in 42 countries.

Consulting at companies is a $365 billion-dollar-a-year industry. There is a ton of opportunity and I can teach you how to grab it. Tap into an untapped and unlimited space where you can make more money and book bigger opportunities all over the world. This course teaches you the exact steps.

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