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Building a Business Shouldn’t Require You Stop Having a Life

There’s a trend that’s been growing for some time now. You see it when you log onto social media. You’ve watched YouTube videos about it. You’ve probably heard your entrepreneur friends talking about it. This interesting new business mentality is

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5 Ways to Start Living Your Dream Life Today

I hesitate to write this because blogs like this usually involve some cheesy rah, rah advice that’s not practical for making it in this messed world we live in today. I lived a life that could best be described as

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6 Things I Wish I Didn’t Struggle With, But Do

I’ve had a lot of cool wins this year. After the disaster that was last year, the hard work that I’ve put in these last six years is paying off in a bigger way. I’ve lost 93 pounds after a

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The Ugly Side of Consulting at Companies Worldwide

For most of this year, I’ve talked to you and taken you on my journey as I’ve traveled the world as a paid consultant. I started this year consulting in the U.S. and then spent two months on a six-country

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Four Mindset Struggles Every Speaker and Consultant Needs to Overcome

When I self-published my first book in late-2011, my only goal was to make enough money from this new online business thing so I could get rid of my service business. This idea of speaking and consulting never crossed my

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It’s Time to Stop Fearing Entrepreneurial Success

There are many fears that we have to overcome to start and grow a successful business that makes money and leads to true freedom. We face self-limiting beliefs within us, the negative voices of others who don’t get it and a

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3 Ways Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Crush Self-Doubt

This is a guest post by Derek Doepker.  The biggest killer of entrepreneurial endeavors isn’t just poorly designed products or services, bad marketing, or even naysayers. While all of these can derail an entrepreneur, most endeavors die before they even get

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Stop Trying to Make Money From Your Lifestyle Business This Way

The first time I heard about making money online, I was very skeptical. I didn’t know anything about it so I told myself I would keep an open mind. I started to listen to podcasts and my mind was blown.

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4 Emotional Struggles You Must Confront as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be a wonderful path to a life of freedom. You have the opportunity to earn an income doing something you love. You can help the people your business serves. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but if it is

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Without Motivation, You Can Forget About Growing Your Business

Sometimes, life sucks. You start your day, week, month or even year with the best of intentions but circumstances that are out of your control can ruin those intentions. As entrepreneurs, we want to start or grow a business that

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