Broke, Broken, and Desperate on My Way to Maui

It may seem like someone has it all together and they’re thriving but appearances can be deceiving. We never know what someone is experiencing or how much they’re dealing with. I put on a good front last year. I was traveling and doing cool things but the truth was that I was dying inside. This is the story of going from an incredible high in life and business to an absolute low and desperate place. And how spending the last $153 I had in my bank account changed my life.

You don’t have to go through this alone… 

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12 comments on “Broke, Broken, and Desperate on My Way to Maui
  1. Hi Kimanzie: I have been following you for a few years, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It is so motivating and you are so genuine in your delivery. There is nothing wrong with getting emotional. You are on your way to reaching the stars again!! You are amazing, Kimanzie. Thank you for sharing. I am one of those people also who went from great success to being broke because my mom had a stroke at a young age and then my fiance was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I lost them both within 2 years. I was a successful realtor at the time making 6 figures. I had to liquidate everything I had and that my mom had in order to pay for her health care and be there for her. I know we all have a direction and a destiny and you have just proved that one can get up off the ground (or even further down from the ditch) and be successful again. I am the female version of what you are talking about and on my way up again!! You have been an inspiration to me many times, and I thank you. God Bless You, Kimanzie Constable! Sincerely,Brenda Paul

    • says:

      Aloha Brenda. Thank you SO much for being open and sharing your heart. It is NOT easy! I’m very happy we are connected and can add value to each other’s life. I’m very sorry for your losses. Very. I know you will come away from everything that’s happened much stronger. We may be far from each other but I’m cheering for you. I’m praying and sending you hugs and love.

      • I am listening to your clip again because it really helps me. Thank you SO MUCH for your response. I know that, as you did, I can make a come back after losing both my mom and the love of my life (not to mention my income). You ARE helping me from a distance! Sending you a big thank you with love, gratitude, and PRAYERS. God Bless You!! You did it, Kimanzie! I know that those of us who know what it is like to be in your shoes when you have hit the floor, applaud you and thank you for your encouragement. So happy for your come back! Brenda

        • says:

          MAHALO, Brenda 🙂 YOU will do so many amazing things and help people!

          • I continue to follow you Kimanzie because you have made such a difference in my life. I am wating to hear back from a national real estate magazine (I am from Canada) as they are interested in my idea about having a real estate column. I have also been published in the past and I am going to try for some of the big publications, as you have. My goal IS to help others with what I do. The book I am writing about losing the love of my life to a brain tumor IS going to get published one of these days. In order to make some money in order for to happen, I have a real estate handbook on the go and this will bring in what is needed to move forward. It is the “in between” that is a challenge, but I will keep on sending out queries to the bigger publications until the Lord puts His blessing upon me. THANK YOU for being such an inspiration and YOU have helped so man. God Bless You for being there, Kimanzie! Brenda

          • says:

            You’re taking action. You will get results!

  2. Paul Clarke says:

    Thanks. Needed this. I am there in my life right now. God bless you for sharing and being vulnerable.

    • says:

      Thank you, brother. You WILL overcome. I just saw your email and will respond.

  3. Chiffon King says:

    Thanks you for your transparency of things that had occurred, but most important thanks for exemplifying the characteristics of an OVERCOMER. I’m encouraged.

  4. Roman Tupkalo says:

    Hello Kimanzie. I’m here for the first time, was reading your articles on and shortly after found myself reading your blog.
    I can relate to your situation, even though in my personal way. But just wanted to say huge thank you for sharing this, it’s definitely something to build up my hopes and believes. Keep on going, stay strong and may God bless your way.

    • says:

      Aloha Roman. I’m super glad you found us here and VERY happy you’re getting value!

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