I Want to Book Consulting Gigs, I Don’t Know Where to Start

The thought of traveling to cool countries all over the world and getting paid to do it is appealing to a lot of lifestyle entrepreneurs. You have probably seen me doing just that this year and it makes you want to jump into the consulting at companies space head first. A lot of entrepreneurs that I talk to want to get into international consulting with large companies right away. But, that’s not usually how it goes. I get the appeal but I didn’t start with what I’m doing today. I didn’t start with the bigger opportunities that have come my way over the last five years.

My journey in consulting started with a $500 social media marketing contract with a company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Social media was hot in 2012 and I saw an opportunity to book gigs with all kinds of companies. Without knowing the exact process, I found local companies in Milwaukee and sent them consulting proposals that showed how I could help their social media marketing efforts. There wasn’t any information online about how to get into consulting at companies, so I winged it. I got A LOT of NO’s but I did book that $500 gig.

I did a good job for that business and the owner referred me to several other local businesses in Milwaukee. From 2012 to today, I’ve worked my way to larger companies, and then to international companies. To date, I’ve done consulting gigs at 58 different companies in 58 countries. But, what I want you to see and understand is that I didn’t start with traveling the world for consulting gigs. I started local and with smaller companies.

You never want to compare where someone is now if you are just starting out. If you don’t know exactly how to get started with consulting at companies, here is what you should understand. I hope this helps you start your consulting at companies journey, and helps take you towards your ultimate goals.

Establish a Foundation Around a Topic

If you are going to book a consulting gig, you should have a topic that you can consult on or have several topics. For a company to hire you, they will want to see that you’re an expert. The way that they determine that expertise is by starting out looking at your foundation: your website, social media presence, and email list. They want to see that the content you’re putting out there matches what you say you consult on and that you’re knowledgeable about your topic(s). Read more ›

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How to Book Your First International Consulting Gig

There are many types of companies that hire consultants on a wide variety of topics. Companies paid outside consultants $39 billion dollars last year. You can book gigs at companies locally, nationally, and internationally.

Traveling to countries on your bucket list. Having the travel expenses covered and getting a generous consulting fee. Bringing your family and/or significant other on the consulting trips. All of these perks (and more) make international consulting very appealing.

One question I get asked often is, “How can I book my first international consulting gig?” There are six strategies that I’ve used to book consulting gigs at companies in 58 countries over the last three years. The first strategy is the easiest and the most natural place to start.

You can pitch companies in other countries, but the smoothest transition into international consulting is to find and book gigs with multinational companies. Essentially, you look for a company in your country that has offices in other countries.

When you book a gig at the main office in your country, you then have the leverage to give the same training and/or a variety of trainings at their other offices in other countries.

When I was on a six-country European consulting tour earlier this year, it was for a large multinational corporation. I traveled Europe giving presentations at six of their offices. When I booked the first gig, I went back and negotiated five more gigs at their other offices. Read more ›

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Behind the Scenes of My Consulting Team

One question that comes up lately is about how I use my team of virtual assistants and freelancers. Here is a little peak behind the scenes.

This year, I’ve already traveled to 12 countries for consulting gigs at a variety of companies. Most of what I’ve been doing is one-off trainings on five topics.

In Europe earlier this year, the company I was consulting for asked about access to my online courses. An entrepreneur in my mastermind group told me not to sell them the courses, but to make the company buy licenses for each employee. Dr. Tee Williams is a genius for that idea and I still owe him!

It made a HUGE difference. Instead of charging a company $10K for each course, they are now buying licenses at a rate of $2K per employee per course (I have six courses).

Here in Asia (I’m here on a five-country consulting tour), the next big change happened. I did a training on digital marketing at a company in Hong Kong, and a training on podcasting at a company in Bangkok. Both companies came to me after and said they wanted to hire me to set up what I had trained them on. Right now, I’m setting up a digital marketing plan for the company in Hong Kong. I’m setting up a podcast for the company in Bangkok.

I have never offered done-for-you services or taken on bigger projects like this in the past, so it meant hiring a team for all the work. I currently use four virtual assistants and two freelancers. Read more ›

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5 Ways to Start Living Your Dream Life Today

I hesitate to write this because blogs like this usually involve some cheesy rah, rah advice that’s not practical for making it in this messed world we live in today. I lived a life that could best be described as existing—for years. It took years of hard work and taking action, but I was able to break free. I paid off $180,000 in debt, moved to my dream destination of Maui, Hawaii for a time, and now travel to 30 plus countries a year for consulting gigs at companies. Every day, life feels surreal. When I pinch myself, I smile because I’m living my dream life.

Now, I realize there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution to what each of us may be going through in life. But, we all have a choice to make. We can choose to accept our circumstances, or we can choose to make the effort to rise above them. That choice usually starts with what you believe about yourself and your dream.

Everywhere you look, there is bad news. Every day there’s something in your life that doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. You can let those circumstances make or break you, and too often, we’re broken. Despite what you’re going through and despite where you are, you can live a life most people only talk about. Here are five ways you can start living your dream life today.

1. Get honest about what you want from life. It’s scary to admit what you want to do and what you want from your life. You may want something that’s well outside of your comfort zone and even scares others in your life, but those dreams are in your heart and mind for a reason. Sit down and say it out loud. No matter how crazy it sounds—get real and honest about what you want.

2. Use the Internet to research your dream. We live in a time where information is readily available. If you own a smartphone or have access to the Internet, you can research what it would take to make your dream life a reality. You don’t have to guess, chances are someone has mapped out what you need to know. Get that knowledge and research. Get as much as you can and in as specific steps as you can. Read more ›

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6 Things I Wish I Didn’t Struggle With, But Do

I’ve had a lot of cool wins this year. After the disaster that was last year, the hard work that I’ve put in these last six years is paying off in a bigger way. I’ve lost 93 pounds after a diabetes diagnosis scare. I get to wake up and do whatever I want—work wise—in the places that I love. I’ll travel to 32 amazing countries this year for consulting gigs. My business has done well financially and my relationship with my children is amazing. I have complete freedom in my work, health, and relationships.

Life should be smooth sailing. Right?

You and I aren’t always together. What we see of each other is through this blog, podcasts interviews, videos, and social media. You get a tiny glimpse into my life, and I get a tiny glimpse into yours. During all that time that we’re not together, a whole lot is going on behind the scenes.

I try to be as honest as possible with what I share publicly, but I’m human. There are things that I’m ashamed and embarrassed to admit. I want you to see me as this super cool, take-on-the-world-without-blinking type of guy. I’m not. There are many things that I struggle with but wish I didn’t. Here are six major ones.

1. Envy of other’s success

I’ve had some cool wins, which should make me cheer for joy when I see others also experiencing success. Sometimes I do, but too often, I don’t. I get all kinds of crazy thoughts running through my mind.

I wonder what they did. I wonder why more people didn’t “like” my status update or retweet when I shared my good news? I think twice before liking or sharing their win because “I don’t remember them liking or sharing mine.” I basically act like a teenager all over again. Grow up, KIMANZI! Read more ›

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4 Things Besides Pay Consultants Need to Negotiate in Contracts

As a consultant, you can travel the world training companies on how to do what you teach in your business. Consulting can be another source of income in your main business or you can start a consulting business as your primary source of income. It’s one of the highest paying industries and the opportunities worldwide are exciting.

As you do research to identify companies that are good prospects for your consulting services, you’ll start sending out proposals. Some of your proposals will be ignored. Others will get a response from the company saying “no thanks,” and there will be some companies that see value in what you offer. You will then move forward to negotiations, and if all goes well, a contract.

You don’t have to accept whatever contract is offered initially. You can and should negotiate a better deal. I want to add a disclaimer upfront that I’m not a lawyer and can’t offer you legal advice. You should always consult an attorney when it comes to legal matters to protect your business. However, as someone who has gone through contract negotiations 40 times-and-counting with companies all over the world, I’ve learned a few lessons. Here are four things to think about including in your next consulting contract.

1. Keep control of your travel budget.

Conventual wisdom is to ask for a consulting fee and have the company book and pay for your travel-related expenses. There’s another way. You can figure out how much it will cost for all of your travel expenses and then come up with the main number. You ask the company for your fee and then give them a “travel budget” number. Once you’ve been paid the travel budget, you can book all of your travel arrangments. You can pick the Airbnb’s, airlines, and extras that you want. You might even find deals as you book and pocket some of that travel budget.

2. Retain your rights to your content.

There will be companies that see the content you offer and want to own it. They may see the value in using it to train their staff or they may want to repackage it and less it as their own product or service. Either way, it’s not in your best interest to sell what you worked so hard to create. Over your career as a consultant, you’ll make far more training at different companies than you’ll make if you sell a company the rights to your signature content. Read more ›

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The Ugly Side of Consulting at Companies Worldwide

For most of this year, I’ve talked to you and taken you on my journey as I’ve traveled the world as a paid consultant. I started this year consulting in the U.S. and then spent two months on a six-country European consulting tour. As we speak, I’m in Asia on a five-country consulting tour. I have 32 paid consulting gigs booked in 32 countries this year. 

I’ve shown you a lot of the benefits of paid consulting at companies. My goal was to open your eyes and show you what’s possible. Most of what we see is Internet market, online business, and all the fads that pop up in that space. I want to show you that you can take the skills and knowledge you have around your core message and train companies all over the world. 

When I started my lifestyle business journey, I promised myself I would always be honest and show you the full picture–the good and the bad. Since I’ve shown you the good this year, I wanted to talk about the hard parts of being a paid consultant. Let’s get into it. 

Deals Fall Apart (A lot)

Life would be great if everything always worked out as planned but that’s not reality. There are times when it looks like you’re going to sign a killer consulting deal and one hiccup ruins the deal and the company walks away. If you follow me on Facebook, I shared how I walked away from a consulting deal in Russia because we couldn’t agree on all the terms–it burns. 

As you start your consulting journey, know that you’ll sign some game-changing deals, and others will have you walking away scratching your head. It’s not the end of the world. Acknowledge your feelings and tell yourself a different internal story. Realize there will be more opportunities if you get back up and keep going. 

It Can Be Incredibly Lonely  Read more ›

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Companies Will Hire You to Consult on These Topics

Companies all over the world will spend $39 billion dollars this year hiring outside consultants to train their employees on a variety of topics. When I talk to lifestyle entrepreneurs about consulting, the question that always comes up is around why a company would need to hire a consultant. Yes, companies have access to big firms and they have a lot of resources. But, that also is a disadvantage for them.

Being big means change happens slowly–too slowly at times. When a company needs to make a pivot, it’s like trying to stop a moving freight train. So, instead of stopping the train, they hire a consultant to help fix the issue while the train is still moving. There is also this element of feeling human. Companies want to connect with their customers on a deeper level because they know that’s what creates lifelong customers. They hire consultants to help them do that. The bottom line is companies need consultants for a variety of reasons.

At this point, you might be convinced. You want to add consulting at companies to what you currently offer in your business. You may be wondering what topics a company will hire you to train on. The short answer is any topic that they feel will help their company’s bottom line. But, there are some “hot topics” and some common topics that are an easier pitch than others. Here are some topics that could get you hired to consult at a company. worldwide

Hot Topics

There are several topics that are in demand in the consulting industry right now. Let me give you the list. Read more ›

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4 Glaring Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Business Coach

You work hard to grow your business but you get to a point where you hit a wall. It seems like no matter what you do, you aren’t reaching your next growth level. You can’t see what’s stopping you, so you decide it’s time to hire someone to help.

Business coaches and consultants are readily available. The Internet and various software make it easy to hire and have sessions with a business coach, regardless if they are on the other side of the world. You meet on Skype or through conference calling software to talk about where you are and what’s stopping you from growing.

You can check their references, check the coaches website and work, and do your research on this person to make sure they’re the right fit for your business. Today, you can hire a coach anywhere from $50 an hour to as much as $20,000 an hour. The access is there but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get what you paid for.

The coach might have fancy website copy on their website promising the world but the coach never delivers. You can be scammed by business coaches, but it might not even be a scam. What started as a great coaching relationship can deteriorate. Either way, here are fours glaring signs that it’s time to fire your business coach.

1. They stop responding to your questions in a timely matter.

One of the best benefits of having a business coach is getting your specific questions answered. The coach should teach you strategies that help grow your business. As you implement these strategies, you’ll have questions. You should be able to email or private message your coach and get those specific questions answered. The coach should respond back in a timely manner.

What does “timely” mean? That’s something you and the coach should establish at the beginning of working together. But, it should be at most within 48 hours. I don’t care how busy someone says they are, everyone can find a few minutes to respond within 48 hours. Read more ›

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Why You Should Consider Paid Consulting

As you’re reading this, I’m on several flights on my way to Asia. I’ll be in Asia for two months for consulting gigs in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo, and Seoul. I’m consulting for one of the largest marketing and advertising companies in Asia and they’ve already told me they want to buy licenses of all of my online courses after I’m done training at their offices. I’m excited and grateful for this opportunity.

2016 was a terrible year in my life and business. I did okay but I struggled financially most of the year. 2017 is the complete opposite. I started this year in Maui, Hawaii reconnecting with my dream and getting clear about what I want for my life. What came from those three weeks of getting clarity was the desire to make a pivot in my lifestyle business.

It felt like the online/Internet marketing space was too crowded. So many people doing the same things and trying to get business from the same customers. It felt too hard to sell higher priced services and courses. I also knew that I wanted to become the best version of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally–travel was going to be a big part of that. When I thought about what I wanted in my lifestyle business, I wanted to do more challenging work for higher fees. I raised all of my prices and thought about where I would focus my time. I had done some smaller consulting gigs before but knew there could be more opportunity if I went after bigger companies.

I went back to the companies I had done work for and lined up a few gigs for after I left Maui. My next trip after Maui was consulting at a Fortune 500 company in New York. The New York consulting gig was fabulous. I was paid $15,000 for a three-hour presentation and all of my expenses were covered. I was treated like a celebrity and got to sell some of my online courses as follow-up training for the company’s employees. It confirmed what my mind told me was the right direction for my lifestyle business this year.

After New York, I focused mainly on consulting. To date, I’ve booked 30 consulting gigs at companies in 30 different countries this year. I spent March and April on a six-country European consulting tour that was amazing. I’m on my way to Asia and I still have consulting tours in Africa, South America, and Australia. That’s my story of why I started focusing on paid consulting. Read more ›

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