Three People at Companies That Can Hire You

After you’ve established yourself as a consultant, you’ll get lots of offers to consult at companies worldwide organically. Companies will find you as a referral through the gigs that you’ve done, they’ll consume your content on large publications and on podcast interviews that you do, and you’ll meet executives on the road as you travel for gigs. Being in the right place—with the right social proof—will give you a consistent system for consulting offers without you seeking them out.

When you’re just starting out as a consultant, it’s a different story. You’ll be the one doing lots of pitching and seeking out opportunities at companies. When you’re doing this, it’s important to understand who at a company can actually hire you. The goal is to save time and send out the most effective pitches so you can book paid gigs that led to all the fun organic opportunities later. Here are three company people that hire consultants.

The Human Resources Manager/Director 

The HR manager at a company has the job of integrating the right people into a company, establishing programs to better a company, retaining and recruiting top performers, overseeing teams (and personalities), and helping with employee performance. Hiring consultants to train on all kinds of topics helps them with all of these duties. At a large corporation, the HR director is also one of the vice presidents of the company. Here’s an example:

Al Schoening is the director of HR for Civeo Corporation based out of Houston, Texas. The company does $15 million dollars a year in business, they have 1,500 employees, and have offices in three countries. They are big enough to hire consultants but small enough to be very approachable. You can pitch almost any consultant topic. You can pitch Al at al.schoening(at)civeo .com Read more ›

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The Path to Making a Livable Income in the New year

There are those who will read this that have been following me since I started my lifestyle business in 2011. You’ve read some of my first blog posts and have been on this journey with me through the ups and downs. There are those who will read this that have been following me for the last few years. I’ve connected and talked to so many of you along the way and have heard your stories.

Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this it’s probably because you want to make money through the various avenues of a lifestyle business. You want to build a business that creates freedom in every area of your life while giving you financial security. To build this kind of a business is not a mystery–it’s not rocket science.

If you have been going at this for some time and have not made a decent income, I want to give you some straight up truth. I have a big goal in 2018. My goal is to impact one-million people and help them stop existing. I want to see you win and build a business that makes a livable income. No more living in survival mode. Ask yourself how you’re doing in these five areas.

Stop over-consuming information.

It’s time to stop joining every free webinar you see offered. It’s time to stop joining every free challenge you encounter online. It’s time to stop joining five Facebook groups a week. It’s time to stop signing up for every newsletter that promises you the path to income. It’s time to stop reading three books a week that all say the same things.

We live in the information age. We also live in the interconnected digital age. Information is readily available, free, and you can access it easily in many different forms. But, that doesn’t mean you need to consume as much of it as possible to make money. Consuming that much information is confusing you, and having you chasing your tail with all the strategies. The reality is that you’re not seeing the full picture. All that “free” training won’t give you what you need. Read more ›

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Do This to Have an Amazing 2018

As we come to the end of another year, all kinds of thoughts are probably running through your mind. For some, this year was amazing and filled with cool wins. For others, this year was terrible and one you can’t wait to get past. Over the last two years, I’ve experienced both of these kinds of years.

2016 was absolutely terrible. What made it worse was realizing that everything happened because of self-imposed poor choices. I came to the end of 2016 broke, broken, and hopeless. 2017 has been one of the best years of my life so far. It’s not just because business has been fabulous. It’s because I finally understood and implemented self-love while working on becoming the best version of myself. I’m coming to the end of this year extremely grateful for the amazing opportunities and growth I experienced. 

I can’t see the future but I can tell you that 2018 is going to be even better. I’m manifesting greatness. I have one major goal: wake up each day and challenged myself. I’m taking my personal development to my next growth level. 

I’m putting my health at the forefront and continuing to eat clean and get in peak shape. I’m challenging my mind with content that breaks old negative thinking. I’m consuming books, videos, podcasts, classes, teachers and more that feeds into my goals. I’m learning Arabic. I’m setting a goal to help 1,000,000 people stop existing and start living the life they truly want and deserve. As far as business, that will fall into place as my personal development goals manifest. I will be charging more and travel less.

If you can’t feel it, let me tell you that I’m excited. I can sense and feel something so strong and amazing that it’s bringing me to tears as I write this. I feel like I’m more awake than I’ve ever been. My path is clear. It won’t be easy and I’m sure things won’t go as planned at times, but I’m fully prepared to enjoy every part of the journey. The good and not so good. 

It’s Your Time

What I hope you take away from this post and everything that I do is what’s possible for you. This coming year can be freaking amazing if you decide it will be. You have to see it and believe it before you can do anything about it. Too often, we think in terms of business and all the nitty-gritty stuff that has to happen. Your business goals will fall into place as your life goals do. 

Set a goal to become the best version of yourself. Love yourself strongly. Fully understand what that means. Stop seeking outside validation. Stop chasing shiny objects. Stop living your life with certain expectations. Stop comparing your life and journey to others. Stop letting self-limiting beliefs dictate what you do. Establish a strong foundation that allows you to receive.  

You are closer than you think. You can set and plan and learn the tactics. But, that comes after you’ve built a solid foundation within yourself. My goal is to help and make an impact—so I will be on this journey with you. But, I need you to get determined and start building that personal foundation. This starts with you. 

Will you join me in making 2018 an amazing year?


Photo Credit: Flickr/ *vlad*

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4 Online Entrepreneurial Personas People Just Don’t Find Believable

We live in the interconnected digital age. Technology and access to the world are available at our fingertips. The first thing you probably do when you wake up each morning is to check your social media accounts. You see what family and friends are doing and get updates from the entrepreneurs that you follow and are connected to. You take a little bit of what you see from others and model your social media accounts and postings to best portray you as a person and entrepreneur.

While there is a lot of good stuff happening online, there are definitely some things and strategies that you don’t want to model. The ability to portray an edited version of someone’s life has led to fake personas and an unrealistic look at entrepreneurship. It’s not uncommon to only see the good in someone’s life when you know there’s a flip side. You know that there is more than that and it turns you off. What you see is the pinnacle of an entrepreneur’s success but they leave out the 100 other steps it took to reach that success.

You need a loyal audience and customers to build a business that stands the test of time. You get loyalty when you make a deeper connection. The deeper connection comes from authenticity because people already know there’s more to the story. Here are four ways you don’t want to portray yourself online. They won’t form deeper connections and make the impact that you’re trying to make with your business.

The “Hustle 24/7” Entrepreneur

You see this almost daily. The entrepreneur that’s always posting about their hustle efforts. They work on their business all the time and portray that strategy as the only way to be dedicated. They work long hours each day, on weekends and won’t enjoy the little pleasures of life — all in the name of entrepreneurship.

First, you know it’s a front. There are only a few entrepreneurs who actual work that hard. Names like Gary Vaynerchuk and Elon Musk come to mind. Second, why build a business to have it turn into a job for you? The best businesses are built with balance. Life and business intersect in harmony. Portraying yourself as always hustling won’t build a real connection with your audience. Read more ›

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Book These Paid Speaking Gigs

It’s not easy to find paid speaking gigs. A lot of events don’t have a big budget to pay speakers. Most want speakers to share their knowledge/expertise for exposure and the chance to get clients from the audience.

When you’re starting out, that makes sense. You can get video of yourself speaking (for your website) and develop the experience that makes you a better speaker. You can even lock in a few clients. After you’ve been in the speaking industry for a while, it’s not a great strategy–in my opinion.

You can get fantastic at selling from the stage and make killer money that covers you speaking for free. BUT, what if you could have it both ways? (Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell you anything in this post) The reality is that there are too many events that pay speakers AND let them sell from the stage. Why wouldn’t you want to get compensated and have all the extra sales be the cherry on your cake? There are events all over the world that will pay you a fee, cover your travel expenses, and let you sell your books and programs.

There’s an industry that speakers often overlook. It’s an industry that pays well and will let you sell. One of the most profitable industries to book paid speaking gigs is the MLM/Network marketing industry and their events. MLM/Network marketing and personal development/digital marketing/fitness/a bunch of other topics, go together well.

Big distributors/events like to buy books in bulk and hire speakers to give great content to their distributors. I’ve had several large bulk orders of my book from these large distributors. I’ve spoken at several MLM/Network marketing events on the topic of digital marketing. I was paid $10K each time and had my travel covered. Read more ›

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The Journey From 36 to 37

This past Sunday was my birthday. I turned 37. The journey from 36 to 37 was full of lessons that I’ll take with me the rest of my life.

Shortly after my 36th birthday, I left Medellin, Colombia and an unhealthy romantic relationship. I returned to America completely broke. I had less than $20 in my bank account after spending over $250,000 in less than a year in the name of “love.”

One of my friends was gracious enough to let me stay at his home while I figured out what to do next. I took some time to process and cry it out. I knew I had lost my way and needed to get my mind right. I needed to reconnect with the reason why I started this journey.

As I thought about everything, I kept hearing something in my head. A feeling/voice/inclination that I needed to go back to where my dream started. Hawaii, and Maui specifically, was such a huge part of how I built my dream. I had two amazing years living there. I had the strong urge that I needed to go there and reconnect.

I had no money to pay for a flight, but since I had traveled so much, I had frequent flyer miles. I used my last $20 to cover the taxes and used miles to book a one-way ticket to Maui.

To pay for my accommodations, I started to hustle again. I promoted (hard) a $97 online class I was teaching and got a few students. It gave me enough money to pay for a hostel and then an Airbnb. I ended up staying on Maui for three glorious weeks. Read more ›

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Broken, Broken, Desperate and the Path to Healing

I spent two years in an unhealthy on and off again relationship. Most of year one was butterflies and excitement. Throughout that first year, there were many signs that I was living a fantasy. Friends and family would tell me what they were seeing but I didn’t listen. I thought I was madly in love with the “one” and everyone else was jealous of our love.

By the end of year one, I had spent over $250,000 in the name of “love.” I even went as far as buying a house in Medellin, Colombia. What’s worse is that I lost double that number by ignoring the speaking and consulting offers that I was getting. I didn’t want to travel because I couldn’t bare to be away from my “love.”

I ended the year broke–I spent so much money trying to buy her love. I was broken–I invested so much of myself into someone who didn’t feel the same about me. I was desperate–we broke up and I cried myself to sleep every night. I didn’t think there was any way I could live life without her.

After the breakup, I took some time to start working on myself. We would end up getting back together and breaking up about ten more times. Each time we broke up, I felt myself getting stronger as I started to understand self-love and becoming the best version of myself. The last breakup was it. She showed me who she really is and I finally believed her. I was done in my mind, body, and heart.

I write these words to you as a healed man. It took time and doing the inner work. It took getting counseling and getting real with those who love me. But, I came to understand that what I felt and had with her was not love. It was a strong (and unhealthy) infatuation. Read more ›

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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Growing a Business While Dealing With Relationship Issues

Love can be one of the greatest feelings a human can experience. It can make us feel like we’re capable of anything, and as if we’re living in the clouds. It can also be one of the hardest things to get over. It’s fair to say that most entrepreneurs reading this will have experienced the negative side that comes with love. A hard breakup or love not returned in the same way it was given can be depressing and kill our inner drive to grow. Many an entrepreneur’s businesses have suffered because of issues with romantic love.

Life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes relationships don’t work out despite our best efforts. At that point, you have a choice to make. You can let the feelings overwhelm you into quitting and worse. Or, you can view the experience as something you learn from and grow through. Either way, there are some things you should understand about relationship struggles and maintaining the growth plan in your business.

You are human. It will affect your motivation and productivity. 

As entrepreneurs, we try to be strong. It’s not easy leaving the security of a job for the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. To do that, we tap into something deeper. When we’re dealing with relationship struggles, we try to go to that strong place and muscle through what we’re feeling. Don’t! We are entrepreneurs but don’t forget that we’re human first. We have feelings and emotions.

When you are dealing with the side effects of negative relationship experiences, realize that it will affect your motivation and productivity. Realize that it’s hard to focus on business because a huge part of you is invested in what’s happening. This is all normal. Don’t beat yourself up during those days when you only feel like eating all day while you binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Don’t punish yourself for not being Superman 24/7 and for taking a break from the hustle. 

Give yourself time to process and heal.

After reminding yourself that you’re human, give yourself the proper time to process everything that’s happened so you can heal. You just went through something traumatic and that’s not easy to overcome. Take a few days off from business and have some “you” time. Do something fun. Do something that helps relieve stress. Hang out with friends and vent. Mediate and get all that junk out of your head. If you give yourself the proper time to heal and process, you will be more productive when you come back to business. Trying to do business in this state can lead to less than your best work. Read more ›

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Battling Imposter Syndrome Brought Me to This Moment

I did something yesterday that absolutely terrifies the heck out of me. It’s something that’s well outside of my comfort zone and brought out feelings of imposter syndrome. I made a decision and pulled the trigger.

For all the new consulting offers my attorney and I were negotiating (and in the future), we sent counter offers back informing the companies that my new standard fee is $75,000 per three-hour training on each of my consulting topics.

I started my lifestyle business in the online space and it conditioned me to charge lower prices. $97 to $497 courses, $100 to $300 an hour coaching, and anything above $1,000 is considered “high-end.” The online space rates would be considered super low in the consulting at companies space. A company would think that a consultant doesn’t know their value charging those kinds of prices.

A History of Imposter Syndrome

I owned a service business in the vendor industry that had me delivering bread for 12 years. I didn’t touch computers and knew nothing about making money online. Discovering podcasts turned me on to this new world of opportunity. Coming from that kind of background, I constantly battled imposter syndrome. I felt like, as a bread dude, I had no place writing and teaching people anything. It took a lot of work to beat that mindset.

It took a lot of mental work to get my mindset to the point of being comfortable charging for my services. It took more work to get to the standard prices online. It took a major shift to pivot at the beginning of this year into mainly consulting and charging $45,000 per three-hour consulting training at corporations. Read more ›

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One Simple Strategy to Book Consulting Gigs at Companies

When you’re starting out in consulting, you’ll pitch all kinds of companies. Finding the right types of companies is a challenge that prevents too many consultants from booking gigs. The story I hear often is that entrepreneurs pitch companies and they hear crickets.

These days, I have two to four companies a week approaching me with consulting offers. But, it wasn’t always that way. When I started, pitched 10 companies a week for three months before I started getting a response. To date, I’ve done consulting gigs at companies in 66 countries and it’s been a mix of pitching, prospecting, referrals, and organic opportunities through exposure.

One way to pitch smarter is to target companies that are hiring for an employee position. Basically, you find companies that are looking to hire an employee to do what you consult on. You can use large job sites such as Indeed, Monster, and so on to find companies worldwide that would make great targets. Since they are trying to hire, you know there is a need.

Here are a few examples:

If you are a health & fitness consultant. Mars Inc (Chicago location) is a great company to target. They have 80,000 employees, they do about $33 billion dollars a year in business, they have offices in over 60 countries. Despite being a huge company, they are still privately owned by the Mars family. Right now, they are trying to hire a “Health and Wellness Strategy and Innovation Director” (job posted on Indeed). They want someone to teach their employees how to be healthy. Do a gig at their Chicago location and it will open doors to consult at some of their other offices in 60 countries. If you do wellness consulting, this is a company that you know has a need for you. The person to pitch would be the vice president of People and Organization, Tracey Wood.

If you are a digital marketing/podcast/social media/website/funnels/Facebooks ads consultant. Best Buy based of out Richfield, MN is a great company to target. They have 125,000 employees, they do about $39 billion dollars a year in business, they have 1,500 locations in four countries. Their size offers multiple opportunities. Right now, they are trying to hire a “Director of Audience Strategy” (job posted on Indeed). They want someone to teach their marketing team how to use all forms of new media to grow their audience. If you consult on anything digital, this is what you do already. Why not do it for a big company? The person to pitch is the vice president of marketing, Jennie Weber. Read more ›

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