I can clearly remember the day I knew I had to make some major changes in my life. It was three a.m. and I was delivering bread to a grocery store on a brutally cold Wisconsin morning. As I was taking three stacks of bread off the truck, I fell and hit the ground hard. There were about three inches of snow on the ground. It cushioned my fall but the reality of my situation hit me like a ton of bricks. If the fall wasn’t bad enough, the bread ended up falling on top of me.

This was mid-2011 and my life was a mess. I was over $180,000 in debt. I was 170 pounds overweight. I had owned a bread delivery business for twelve years that I hated. I woke up every day dreaming of a better life but I didn’t do anything about it. After the “bread incident,” I promised myself that I would finally take action on my dream of becoming a writer.

That year, I wrote and self-published a book only to have it flop. The book sold five copies in the first six months and those copies went to friends. I spent the rest of 2011 studying how to sell books and build an audience on the Internet. Along the way, I spent over $5,000 on coaches, courses, and on digital information products that I hoped would bring me results. What I got was a lot of hype and not enough practical content to help me build my lifestyle entrepreneurship dream.

I spent all of 2012 implementing and taking action. I landed 60 guest posts on various blogs. I was a guest on over 80 podcasts. I networked with anyone who would talk to me. By the end of 2012, I had a lifestyle business that was generating $5,000 a month and I had sold 45,000 copies of my two self-published books. I was able to use the income to pay off ALL of my debt.

I got to speak at 36 conferences that year, I coached 20 people and helped them with their dream, and I was hungry for more. I was able to sell my bread business and live a life of freedom through lifestyle entrepreneurship. 2013 and 2014 were building years. My business would grow from $5,000 a month to multiple six-figures a year. I got to travel the world speaking at conferences and consulting at some amazing companies. I got to experience new cultures and learn more about myself.

2015 was the year that my business exploded. I started that year with an appearance on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn–someone I look up to. I started writing for some of the largest websites in the world such as The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, and ten other large publications. I got consulting contracts at companies in countries that I had always dreamed of going to. My books continued to sell and my coaching clients got impressive results.

Today, I live a life I love. I travel the world consulting at companies. I help dreamers build a profitable lifestyle business. I travel to 30 countries a year for consulting gigs. I am not writing about or speaking on theories here–I have done all of this and more.

If you’re not familiar with who I am, Hi, I’m Kimanzi Constable. I’m the author of four books that have sold over 150,000 copies. You can see my articles in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs. I have booked hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting contracts at companies and have done paid speaking/consulting gigs in 73 countries over the last five years.

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