A Better Way to Book Gigs, Travel, and Make Money Online

My time here in London–and Europe in general–has been fantastic. I’ve spoken at some cool companies, done some touristy stuff, and run other parts of my lifestyle business. I’m here in Europe for two months as a part of a six-country consulting tour. This year, consulting work will take me to four continents.

As I’m sitting here in a Starbucks and writing, I’m thinking about opportunity. Every day, I get messages asking how someone can live this kind of lifestyle. How to write for large publications, book paid speaking and consulting, and how to travel the world. There’s a lot I can and have told you about the how to of this, but the main lesson is what I want to talk to you about today.

GO Mainstream

There’s a lot of same audience syndrome in the online space. A lot of people consume the same content in the same places and are being sold to by many of the same people. It’s hard to get new business because a lot of people are tapped out and tired. You don’t want another course that doesn’t answer your specific questions. You don’t want any more talking head videos. You want practical and actionable training that you can implement right away.

If you’re trying to build a business in the online space, it’s harder these days. There is another space, the mainstream business space, where there’s an untapped opportunity to make money and help business owners. I’m talking about your local businesses that have an owner. The local restaurant, coffee shop, small tech firm, local gym chain and so on. You have the opportunity to take the skills you use in the online space and sell them to mainstream, everyday business owners.

There is MUCH more opportunity and money in this space. In fact, that is how and why I’m booking these consulting gigs all over the world. I’m consulting for very large mainstream businesses on four topics: the entrepreneurial mindset, the leader’s mindset, branding, and digital marketing. I’m getting paid $10K-$20K per training plus all of my expenses are being covered.

This is the main reason why you don’t see me talking about my Results Coaching Program anymore–the consulting income is now my #1 income source and it’s a good one. I’ve only taken on a few high-end clients from referrals and at these companies. If I take on a coaching client these days, I have to be convinced they are willing to do the work–I’m very selective now.
The point being, I don’t have the financial stress I had in 2016. I don’t have to push my coaching program or any of my classes because I have 16 consulting gigs booked and some pay even more. I can take students and clients that I really want to work with.

I don’t tell you any of this to brag–you know me. I tell you all of this for two reasons: to show you what’s possible and to help you believe you can do it. If you don’t believe, you’ll never take action.

I got to this great place–and you can get here–when I took the skills I learned in the online space and sold them to mainstream businesses. You know I like to keep it practical, here’s how you get started:

1. Work on building your social proof. Companies hire who they feel like are experts. You become an expert when you show that you know what you’re talking about. Write, podcast, and make videos on your topic on your blog, other people’s blogs, podcasts, and on large publications. Large publications will give you tremendous social proof that companies will flock to because it’s mainstream exposure.

2. Pick your companies. Each city has a business journal with a list of local companies. You can also find them on LinkedIn or you can drive around town. Find companies that are owned by someone because that person has the ability to write you a check. You can’t get the big companies until you have some experience. Think about your skill set and what you can consult on. See how that skill set can help those companies.

3. Put together an initial proposal. You put together a pitch that you will send through email talking about who you are, how you can help the company, how your topic can increase the company’s bottom line–show research that you get from the Internet for this–not just what you think. Make it clear and demonstrate why they should have a quick 20-minute call or meeting to talk details.

4. Push for a meeting. In that meeting is where you talk about the company’s need and about your consulting services. You will seal the deal on the phone or in person, not through email.

Keep going! This is a number’s game until you build up a lot of social proof or write for the right publications. I get all of my consulting gigs organically through some of the business publications that I write for.

This is an overview but there’s enough here for you to book some gigs if you hustle. Go after opportunities in the mainstream business space. This is where more money and opportunity is. I am seeing this first hand and it’s helped me sleep better at night not having to stress about booking a new coaching client or filling classes. It will help you create consistent and GOOD income.

Is it your goal to book consulting work this year? 

The first consulting gig I ever did was five years ago. I got $500 to consult a local McDonald’s franchise owner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, I consult for large companies all over the world that pay five-figures per gig. I have consulting gigs booked in 16 countries this year–I’m currently in Europe for two months. If it’s your goal to book paid speaking and consulting gigs at companies and/or book them all over the world, my new class, Get Booked, could be right for you. I will teach you how to build your speaker/consultant’s foundation, how to find and pitch paid gigs, all the nitty gritty stuff like contracts and presentations, and how to go international. This class is good for beginners and/or seasoned speakers/consultants. There are ten spots. The details are here: http://kconstable.com/booked/

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2 comments on “A Better Way to Book Gigs, Travel, and Make Money Online
  1. Dan Hayes says:

    Great post, Kimanzi! You’re right…the online space has become such an “echo chamber.” Your four Action Steps are a big help. Thanks much, and keep it up!

    • kconstable29@gmail.com says:

      I’m glad you found value and I hope you use the tips!

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