4 Shifts That Help You Book Consulting at Companies Quickly

Companies all over the world will spend more than $365 billion dollars this year hiring consultants to train their employees on a variety of topics. They are looking to hire someone just like you. They want someone who will train on the topics you teach. It may not feel like it now but you can book these gigs, and they will pay you well. This is NOT a pipe dream–companies have been hiring consultants since the start of business.

In 2015, I made a major pivot in my business. I stopped focusing on just the online portion of my business and shifted towards booking consulting gigs at companies. I had done consulting on a smaller scale since 2012, but I made it a major goal to book higher-paying consulting gigs at corporations. It has been the gamechanger in my business. I traveled to 41 countries last year for consulting gigs at Fortune 500 companies and large multinational corporations. I’ll travel to 24 this year.

If you want to book consulting gigs at companies–and do it quicker–here are five shifts that will help you get there.

1. Clear up your messaging and branding.

The reason too many entrepreneurs can’t book consulting is because no one knows what they do. We have been taught about the need to niche–it’s been ingrained in us. In our efforts to stand out, we brand ourselves in a way that confuses companies. They will look at your website, your social media presence, and what you send to your email list. If the branding and messaging are not clear, they will not invest their time to investigate further. Just because you used digital marketing to build your fitness business does not mean you’re a digital marketing consultant. When a company looks at your branding, they’ll only see fitness.

To get booked quicker, you need a clearly branded foundation around expertise and a topic a company would understand. If you can’t get your message to fit all of your interests, sperate your platforms. Demonstrate your expertise in a clear way and you will get booked. If you’re not sure if your message connects, ask others for an honest evaluation of your platform. Be prepared to hear the realness and make the necessary changes.

2. Get more social proof.

I define “social proof” as the credentials that show your expertise. This is not necessarily college degrees and paper certificates. It could be those and more. Companies want to understand that you have the ability and knowledge to train their employees on your topic. They want to hire an expert. They hire experts because they can’t stop what they’re doing to catch up to how fast things move in life and business.

You can:

  • Get interviewed on podcasts.
  • Create content for large business and personal development publications.
  • Do local speaking gigs.
  • Have local meetups or host your own event.
  • Get more education on your topic.

You can build the kind of social proof a company is looking for. Today’s access and tools make it much easier. You don’t have to be a super educated expert for lots of types of consulting. To get booked quicker, get more established expertise that companies will understand.

3. Focus on smaller to get bigger.

It would be great if you could start out booking consulting gigs with the largest companies in the world but that’s not a reality. To book the bigger stuff, those companies will be looking for other consulting experience and lots of it. To get that experience, focus on smaller local companies. The companies where you live–or close by–can put money in your pocket while allowing you to get the social proof for the bigger companies.

Use your local business journal, Craigslist, or the job sites like Indeed. Search for how these local companies are doing with the topics that you train on. I promise you, they will be behind. Put together a pitch that talks about who you are, shows your social proof, shows that you’ve done research on the company, and invite them to a discovery call. You can book these gigs super quick and they lead to the bigger stuff.

4. Stop letting what’s coming affect right now.

When it comes to booking consulting gigs at companies, one of the biggest self-limiting beliefs I see is entrepreneurs getting discouraged before they even start. You start to think about all that’s involved. You think about the fact that you don’t know all the details. The thought of going into companies overwhelms you.

Here’s the thing, you’re not there yet. What most entrepreneurs should be focused on is building their foundation, creating more social proof, and starting to send off pitches. Don’t get caught up in your head thinking about the parts you aren’t at yet. What’s coming will only get there if you do the beginning work. The beginning work is what will help you get booked quicker.

We’re a month and a half into the new year. Companies are looking to hire consultants this year. You can book those gigs. Make these shifts now and you will be surprised in a good way. You’ve got this.

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